designed to be the most pure and fundamental, that seeks to refresh your afternoons and lift your spirit

The mountain products are developed under the respect and care of the “El Ajial” nature sanctuary, located inside the mountain, a project that seeks to ecologically protect and develop the place, its species, climate and hydrophilic system.

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Beer La Montaña© & Wine La Montaña© are the products offered by this place full of life and future, which are born from a sustainable and friendly vision from the resources it provides.

It’s astromelias corners and wild orchids, the footprints of the puma and the colocolo cat, the ancient indigenous soils and other mysteries, become a reflection of the special terroir La Montaña. All this seeks to also contribute to the development of the Maipo Andes area and its empowerment at the regional level. We invite you to learn about LM products and get them through our Online Store.

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